High-powered executives know that their most precious resources are time and a brilliant assistant who takes initiative and brings you peace of mind. A trusted, skilled, and fully trained business partner by your side will stay several steps ahead and give you all of this. But how? If you are an executive who craves the freedom to do the things that are most important for you to do, Bonnie Low-Kramen understands. She can help you build an ultimate partnership that will make all the difference in your work and in your life.

The world around us has caused a fresh attention to how we are using our precious 24 hours each day. Fresh focus is also being paid to the resources we have in the form of people and money. This groundbreaking training is designed to cut leaders and their assistants to the chase about how to fully leverage the partnership for ultimate success.

Bringing these two groups together sets the stage for exponential results.

This training is customized to you and your company in terms of length of program and the people involved.

  • Executives & Assistants Training Together
  • Executives
  • Assistants

The bottom line is that as important a partnership as the one between an executive and an assistant is, there has been precious little training for how to do it well. With laser-focused specificity, Bonnie Low-Kramen shows you how to do precisely that. You will re-discover your most powerful secret weapons for maximum productivity and profitability – one another.

CEO Mitchell Modell at “Building the Ultimate Partnership” event, Oct 2019, NYC

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