– Do you yearn to work at the top of your game?

– Have you fallen behind from a lack of training?

– Are you an executive who is not fully leveraging your partnership with your EA?

I bridge the gaps between executives and the staff to build the ultimate workplace.
Staff matters.

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“The Real Reasons People Quit”

TEDx RutgersCamden event from Sat Feb 5, 2022. Please watch & share.

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It’s Personal.

The working partnership between an executive and their assistant is a very personal connection. It requires a deep understanding of each other’s unique styles, strengths, needs, and preferences. Ultimate partnerships are rooted in the ability to communicate with mutual respect and absolute trust.

These values are also very personal to me. They are why I wrote the book and why I do the work I do.

My experience as the Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis for 25 years and teaching in 14 countries, has led me to the mission of my life’s work. The goal is to bridge the gaps between executives and assistants to build ultimate workplaces – or as close as we can get. As a Global Leader and Trainer in workplace development, I know that success is all about the people. It always will be.

Ultimate Clients

Meet the Future with Bonnie. Right Here. Right Now.

12 Years of Excellence! Live, Virtual, & On-Demand

Ultimate Training, Workshops & On-Demand Courses

BTUA training, workshops & on-demand courses for executive, personal or celebrity assistants

Ultimate Assistants

These groundbreaking executive and personal assistant training programs present the crucial combination of soft skills and the hard skills of computer technology to develop Ultimate Assistants. Two of the top corporate trainers in the world, Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT combine their knowledge to provide assistants the leading-edge skills, resources, and tools necessary to succeed as true executive business partners.

Ultimate Executive / Assistant Partnership

Executives hire assistants and often find themselves not knowing how to fully utilize or leverage them. The power of this executive business partnership, when developed properly, will save precious time and provide priceless peace of mind. The proven and quantifiable ROI is immediate and cumulative over time.

Ultimate Workplace

The workplace is volatile, demanding, and presenting unprecedented challenges every day. It has never been more important for corporate leaders, assistants, HR, & recruiters to function together as collaborative business partners. Employees who feel safe, respected, and empowered are loyal and go above and beyond every day. The proven results of these workplace training programs are increased productivity and revenue, and improved communication, retention and job satisfaction. The potential for this new collaborative programming has far-reaching and positive ramifications.

Make the Case for Training

Don’t allow money or being told “no” to stop you from getting the career training you know you need. Be the CEO of You, Inc. and take charge of your education.

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Are you looking for a passionate keynote speaker or trainer who is an international workplace expert specializing in surprising transformations? Bonnie Low-Kramen takes on the elephants in the room of your workplace in order to build company cultures where the staff doesn’t want to leave.

“Bonnie captivates a room the way few speakers do; it’s a skill that comes from caring deeply about the subject matter and expressing it with command. Beyond the applause, you can feel the response from the audience when she switches a light on inside them—one they were not expecting.”

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