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For 25 years, Bonnie worked with me, not for me. I was not her ‘boss.’  Her work gave me time and the crucial freedom I needed to focus on my work. And, she knows how to train assistants how to do that too. On top of that, she is also able to teach executives how to utilize their assistants as she did for me. That is her gift.

Olympia Dukakis
Oscar winning actress & Bonnie’s employer for 25 years

Once we realize that achievement and respect for our common humanity are what really matter, we are then fortunate to meet those individuals who represent this truth.

Bonnie Low-Kramen leads with dignity and the spirit of equality. She demonstrates the aptitude of empathy, which is the most important quality for leadership.  Her gift is in her ability to connect with the global world, to see the big picture, to see the world accurately with a common humanity, to respond to challenging circumstances with compassion, while never losing her authenticity.  She teaches those of us who are privileged to know her that life is not about avoiding challenges; rather, it is to overcome adversity.

Bonnie’s career of consulting, training and mentoring administrative support staff is designed to greatly improve our global community. Her workplace contribution, which is a most striking challenge, is her commitment to the principle of inclusion.

Bonnie’s focus and relentless determination to encourage others to realize their success is what differentiates her practice.  It is imperative to emphasize that she demonstrates and educates others in the skills of forging relationships, inclusion, and realizing their potential.  Her capacity to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the subtleties of human interaction challenges the status quo and will revolutionize our attitudes and values.

With her tenacity of purpose, Bonnie exemplifies a profound example of leadership, while educating the next generation of leaders. With Bonnie Low-Kramen in the room, we will be the greater for it.

Melba J. Duncan
Author Founder of The Duncan Group, NYC

Bonnie Low-Kramen is the real deal. Passionate, articulate and a true advocate for the administrative profession, Bonnie shares her time and knowledge generously. We have traveled all over the world together, speaking at industry events. I have attended and guested at several of her BTUA training courses and they are always a joy to be part of. You can see the attendees blossom over the two days both in terms of attitude and often even visibly in stature. Bonnie’s speaking sessions and commentary are always informative, on-point and challenging. I recommend her unreservedly as a speaker, an influencer, a trainer and a commentator.

Lucy Brazier
CEO, Marcham Publishing | Publisher Executive Secretary Magazine | International Speaker | Conference Chair

I call her The Assistant Whisperer. The world over, I have witnessed assistants lining up to meet Bonnie, often with tears in their eyes. They can’t wait to tell Bonnie what touched them from her presentation and the one thing that will have an immediate impact. Bonnie’s power of connection and mentorship is unmistakable and unmatched. I have never seen anything like it.

Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT
CEO of the RedCape Company & Bonnie’s business partner since 2010

Bonnie is a powerful and progressive presenter. She is an inspiration to all EAs looking to advance their professional development and take their career to the next level.

Emily Burley
Director | Executive Leadership Support Forum Conference, Chicago

I first heard Bonnie speak at a Barron’s Conference in Vegas. Most industry conferences focus their content around investing and marketing. Bonnie’s Build the Ultimate Partnership presentation was unique, impactful, and it has stayed with me. As far as I can tell, she stands with very few in this space. We’ve since engaged Bonnie’s workshops and coaching with our Executive Administrator and the results have been measurable.

Jeff Paustian
CEO | JGP Wealth Management

I have had a front-row seat in witnessing Bonnie tirelessly and fearlessly build this movement. It is a global movement of C-suite executive assistants, all driving bottom-line impact, up-leveling their performance, communicating their value to the business, and justifying higher compensation because of it. Her direct impact on the lives of women in this profession is simply awesome and should not be understated. I can name at least two dozen women whose lives she has single-handedly changed through her inspirational training and mentoring. However, what I most respect about Bonnie is her insistence to always build others up. Of course, she does so in her day-to-day work with EAs, but she also does so among her peers: those of us who are movement builders as well.

Al-Husein Madhany
Co-Founder of TackAdvisors, San Francisco

Bonnie is passionate and brings her desire to improve the lives of professionals to her highly organized, motivating style of presentation. Meeting with Bonnie is an eye-opening journey, taking you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Her depth of experience is impressive. From it, she offers real-life options on how to have more success and how to have more fun doing it, while her students light the path for others to do the same.

Gabe Micchelli
Medical Executive, New Jersey


My journey of success began at BTUA with Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol Evans. I discovered me – my voice, my strengths, and ultimately, my confidence which was the most important thing of all. Wherever you are in your career, BTUA is THE place to raise your bar.

Maggie Jacobs
EA, San Francisco

BTUA gives you power. I have attended three sessions over the years. The lessons that I have learned and the confidence I have gained have made me the successful assistant I am today. I highly recommend BTUA to a seasoned Executive Assistant or an Administrative Assistant who is just starting her/his career.

Brenda Rogers
CAP OM, Former VP of Administration, Dallas

Bonnie and Vickie offer top-notch training for assistants. They are the best in the business. Debbie was on fire when she came back from BTUA. I know that I am 2-3 times more profitable because I have my Executive Assistant Debbie Furlano by my side. No doubt.

Gary Rabine
Founder Rabine Group, Illinois

Bonnie is everything you hope she is and more. She has walked in your shoes, she knows your challenges. Bonnie’s ability to speak from the heart and show her compassion oozes out of her pores. She is sincere, authentic, and has real solutions to real problems. Once you meet and work with Bonnie your life will be forever changed.

Rhonda Scharf
CEO, ON THE RIGHT TRACK - Training & Consulting Inc.

With over 20 years of Executive Assistant experience, I was looking for training that could help me elevate my skillset and develop new methodology for administrative performance excellence. BTUA is all that and more! My expectations were surpassed in this two-day course which is specially formulated with high-level topics that will make you process solutions in leading edge ways. BTUA has the right amount of soft skills and technology training that are much needed in the digital era. Bonnie Low-Kramen makes you fall in love with your career again. Vickie Sokol Evans blows your mind with technology tips & tricks. I can’t wait for the next time.

Mary Alaniz
Executive Assistant, BakerHughes, Houston

It was clear from the first moment of the sold out event that Bonnie feels passionately about elevating the workplace through education and networking. She continues to inspire so many through her books, articles, webinars and speaking engagements, all presented with skill, humor and above all, great style. It has been a privilege to know this exceptional and dedicated proponent of the global workplace. Bonnie is onto something big.

Michael Sayles
Managing Partner, Naples, FL

Wonderful insights shared, great conversations, and thought-provoking questions to consider. Bonnie speaks to a group with precise clarity and at the same time makes you feel as if you are the only person in the room. I have already improved the way I approach certain aspects of my job differently. It has been noticed and appreciated by my team. I highly recommend this program.

Susan G. Pomponio
Executive Assistant to President, Hackensack Health Network, NJ

There’s almost nobody else I know who can show you how to gain more effectiveness together with your executive assistant to form a true partnership, maximizing your impact in the world.

Yanik Silver
Author Evolved Enterprise and Founder Maverick1000

I will be forever grateful for the BTUA class I did in 2012. I was challenged to believe in myself and to ask for the things that were important to me, including a salary increase. It gave me the confidence to find the material to back up my case with the new CEO and I was successful. I found my voice to go to him again when I moved and asked to work remotely. It turned out that I was the test case for doing my job remotely for the company.

Gala S. DeJong
Office Manager, Des Moines, Iowa

I was named Acting CEO of our company when our CEO had to take a sudden leave of absence to handle an urgent family matter. BTUA made an important difference in being able to accept this unexpected turn of events with confidence and calm. I held that position for six months until the CEO was able to return. I don’t know what the future holds, but I feel prepared for whatever it is. Count me in for another BTUA.

Debbie Furlano
Executive Administrator to the CEO, Chicago

I left BTUA filled to the brim with new knowledge, skills, and professional connections. I recommend this workshop without hesitation.

Lauren Jiloty
Director of Administration, Gates Ventures, Seattle

I would encourage every assistant to seize the opportunity to work with Bonnie and Vickie in any way they can – in person, virtually, or On Demand. I was a part of BTUA Amsterdam and the experience was game-changing. EAs learn how to maximize their impact, adding greater value to the executives that they support and the teams that they work in, in a measurable way. Companies who book these courses will be providing a meaningful form of personal and career development training to their EA/Assistant teams, resulting in more engaged, business focused, and, above all, happier employees. My company did that. It’s a win-win all round!

Michelle Markham
Executive Assistant, London

BTUA has provided me unparalleled training. I have attended twice and seen Bonnie and Vickie speak separately on a dozen other occasions. Every time I take away something new and relevant to my job and career.

Robert Arciniega
Executive Assistant, Seattle

Bonnie knows without a shadow of a doubt, that there is power in truth, and magic in speaking it. In the US and around the world, she consistently enriches and enlightens her students, who are then returning to their work, with increased value to their executives, teams and companies. In the 20 years that I know her, Bonnie has successfully identified the “secret sauce” to effectiveness and growth for the EA profession and teaches it impeccably.

Leni Miller
President, EASearch, Sausalito

The Book

This book is a must read not just for “Assistants,” but for any employee at every level from a new trainee to the CEO. Valuable insights and great teachings.

Herb Rubenstein

I truly loved your book! I became certain of so many things in my work as an EA at the C-level. My relationships are enhanced and the resources in the book are killer.

Mary Holmstrom

Your book has gone viral in Ghana! PAs are reading your book and putting the lessons into practice. It is like a revolution, like rain pouring over dry land. Thank you.

Angela Cassandra Allotey

Your book is extremely insightful, full of guidance, and a great reference too. As I talk about my future in this career, I can’t even tell you how many times I reference your book! Thank you.

Chanel Nelson
Executive Personal Assistant, San Diego

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