Bonnie Low-Kramen takes on the elephants in the room of your workplace. She is a provocative and highly sensitive presenter who is unafraid to say the things that are on everyone’s minds.  

Whether physically in the room or virtually via live stream, Bonnie Low-Kramen connects with her audiences personally, intellectually, and emotionally. She touches people with humor, honesty, and insights into a workplace that comes from her own professional experience and her work in 14 countries. She is a provocative truth-teller who is unafraid to go to places that others won’t.

Since 2004, she has been a sought-after influential woman speaker by groups all over the world, including Scotland, Belgium, Australia, and Dubai.

Bonnie makes it her business to know her audience, as in really know them. This research results in a presentation that is relevant and detailed, and sure to entertain, celebrate and inspire your audience. Bonnie is nothing, if not passionate, about engaging everyone she meets. After all, it’s about them.

Length of presentation is 30-120 minutes or customized, depending on the group’s needs.

Bonnie is happy to include a Q&A session and/or a book-signing, depending on the time limitations.

Passionate female keynote speaker - influential trainer - international workplace expert

My audience is there for a reason and I find out what that reason is. And then, we go there. I hit nerves and that is exactly what we want. That’s how transformation happens.

Bonnie Low-Kramen

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Exec Sec Live Conferences (U.S. & international)


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Signature Topics include:

  • Assistants as Leaders in a Virtual World
  • Be the Ultimate Assistant – Saving the Day Every Day in the New World
  • Be the CEO of You Inc. – Finding Your Voice to Speak Up
  • The Elephant in the Room: Workplace Bullying
  • Show Me the Money: Closing the Wage Gap to Earn What You Deserve
  • Global Trends for Executive Business Partners
  • Impact! Leveraging Your Power & Influence
  • Be the Ultimate Manager in the New Workplace
  • Bonnie’s Story: 25 Years as a Celebrity Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis
  • For Executives & Managers: Finding and Keeping the Perfect Assistant
  • For Executives and Assistants Together: Building the Ultimate Partnership
  • For Universities & Colleges Business Program Students: Leveraging Your Most Powerful Secret Weapon in the New Workplace

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