The impact of the Be the Ultimate Assistant training is:

  • Improves the partnership between an assistant and the leaders who s/he supports
  • Uplevels your skills, preparing you for career longevity and advancement
  • Fully equips you with the skills necessary to find new work, if that is your goal

The powerful combination of the soft skills taught by Bonnie Low-Kramen and the hard technology skills taught by Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT, result in a long-lasting transformation. After working with Bonnie and Vickie, students have improved skills and a rock-solid confidence in their ability to face any challenge that comes their way. The ROI is immediate and seen in increased productivity, improved morale, and hours of saved time. Priceless.

Executive Assistants are often the first to learn about Bonnie and Vickie because they hear them present at a conference or on a webinar. The assistants bring the training to the attention of their leaders and HR professionals. Bonnie and Vickie work together and separately, depending on what the specific needs are of a company. Their unique brand of training can be customized for assistants, leaders, and all groups together.

The process of training any group begins with the people, always with the people and the problems they are looking to solve. People and organizations are not cookie cutter nor do they fit a formula – and neither is BTUA training. Therefore, it begins with a conversation with a company’s leaders to determine training content and focus. A detailed proposal is submitted based on these conversations.

Training is delivered Live In-Person, Virtually, or On Demand.

The curriculum is essentially the same. It has much to do with where our students are geographically located and whether they wish to attend an in-person event. It is also about the kind of learning experience the student desires. The live workshops have a maximum of 30 students and therefore, they sell out quickly. The On Demand course opens up this material to the entire English-speaking world for everyone looking to excel as a top assistant. Some BTUA students take the class multiple times. One of the many highlights of the live (in-person) class is the interaction between the students. The On Demand students receive that peer-to-peer interaction in the monthly Zoom meetings.

BTUA Live On Location

  • 1:1 pre-workshop coaching call
  • Networking Events
  • Highly interactive
  • DiSC Workplace Assessment
  • Books & Handouts (Be the Ultimate Assistant & 100 Life-Changing Tips)

BTUA On Demand

  • Networking via Facebook Group
  • Highly Interactive
  • DiSC Workplace Assessment (Optional, extra cost)
  • Books & Handouts (Be the Ultimate Assistant & 100 Life-Changing Tips)

Results that last…fast. The people who work with Bonnie trust that she offers cut-to-the-chase solutions that are grounded in real-life situations, usually because they have seen them with their own eyes. She has been there/done that and has lived to teach those lessons. Nuts and bolts applications, not theories that look great in books but just don’t work with living, breathing humans have feelings, opinions, and histories. Bonnie works to build and renew strong connections among the people who work together, even if they have been together for years.

Signature Topics include:

  • Power Up and Taking Charge! Assistants as Leaders in the New Workplace
  • Be the Ultimate Assistant – Working as a Strategic Business Partner
  • Finding Your Voice to Speak Up
  • The Elephant in the Room: Workplace Bullying
  • Staying Visible in the Remote & Hybrid Workplace
  • Show Me the Money! Closing the Wage Gap
  • Massive Mistakes and other Life-Changing Moments from a Celebrity Assistant
  • For Executives: Your Secret Weapon: Finding and Leveraging the Perfect Assistant
  • For Executives and Assistants Together: Building the Ultimate Partnership

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