These groundbreaking in-person or virtual workplace executive and personal assistant training programs which began in 2011 present the crucial combination of soft skills and technical skills to develop ultimate assistants. Two of the top corporate trainers in the world, Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT, combine their knowledge to provide assistants the leading-edge skills, resources, and tools necessary to succeed at the highest levels.

“This is the workshop I wished had existed when I worked with Olympia Dukakis. I wanted to be as great an assistant as she was an actress. But how? I looked around and found next to nothing that filled my need to be the best, the ultimate. It was out of frustration that I designed the Be the Ultimate Assistant trainings and wrote the book.”

Bonnie Low-Kramen

BTUA NYC March 2019

In-person or virtual workplace executive and personal assistant training programs

Why Choose Be the Ultimate Assistant Training?

The global workplace has never been more complicated and only getting more so every day. Assistants are functioning as executive business partners and have a seat at the table with the leadership team. They are the right arms to their executives, backbones to companies, and the face of the company culture. They are highly resourceful, resilient, creative, empathetic, and super smart. On top of that, they have advanced technology skills and finely tuned EQ, which helps them to read minds, and they are doing those things both in-person and remotely.

How do they learn to support the busiest and most powerful leaders on the planet?

That is the exact question the writer for the Forbes article asked when Karsten Strauss sought out Bonnie Low-Kramen for this feature story about Be the Ultimate Assistant.

Be the Ultimate Assistant

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Impact of Be the Ultimate Assistant Workshops

The ROI of Be the Ultimate Assistant can be measured in improved productivity and hours of precious time saved for both the assistant and the leaders they support. It can also be measured by direct access to money-saving resources and strategies.

The impact of the Be the Ultimate Assistant training is

  • Improves the partnership between an assistant and the leaders who s/he supports
  • Uplevels your skills, preparing you for career longevity and advancement
  • Fully equips you with the skills necessary to find new work if that is your goal

BTUA is led by Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT, who are two of the world’s top-rated and most respected trainers and speakers. They are both former assistants themselves. The BTUA workshop was named in the top 7 conferences to attend in 2019.

Most assistants know what it feels like to wing it every day. They figure things out as they come up. I know because that was me. In my work in 14 countries, I know for sure that strategy does not work anymore. Those days are over. Generic training is just that, too general. What is needed is focused and relevant training, specific to assistants. That is why Be the Ultimate Assistant training exists.

Training Like No Other

There are many important ways that BTUA is different from other trainings. The BTUA workshop is a highly personal and interactive experience. Every student has a 1:1 conversation with Bonnie before attending. In this way, Bonnie can hear firsthand each student’s motivations and goals for themselves and then customize the learning experience. With a maximum of 30 students in each workshop, this may be time-consuming but Bonnie believes these conversations are integral to the success of every student. The proof is in the results. Be the Ultimate Assistant is the only training for assistants that offers this.

Bonnie and Vickie each have over 20+ years’ experience and are both former assistants. They have trained Bill Gates’ team, the staff at British Parliament in London, and the planet’s most influential and prestigious companies. Bonnie and Vickie ensure that Executive Assistants function as empowered business partners and, as such, are fully equipped to face whatever challenge comes their way.

Since 2011, BTUA students have become Chiefs of Staff, assistants to CEOs, team leaders, and in at least one case, Debbie Furlano became Acting CEO of her company for six months.

About Our Programs

BTUA Virtual 2-Day Workshops

In response to the pandemic, BTUA workshops are now available virtually via Zoom. Our students are from all over the world and that diversity adds to the richness of the experience.

Students receive lifetime access to the recording of the training for their personal use. The workshop is delivered entirely in English.

Workshop Topics Include: 

  • Computer Technology & Productivity with Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT (3.5 hours)
  • Social Media Privacy
  • Organization, Assistant Handbook & Checklists
  • Advanced Communication
  • Ethics & Confidentiality
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Event Planning
  • Travel Planning
  • Networking and Mentoring
  • DiSC Workplace Personality Assessment
  • Gender, Ethnic & Generational Issues
  • Dealing with Difficult People & Situations
  • Workplace Bullying/Sexual Harassment
  • Career Management
  • And always some special surprises!

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The On Demand course is based on the live, two-day workshop that has been taken by hundreds of assistants around the world since 2011. The content is the same as above. The only exception is that the DiSC profile is optional.

Students receive lifetime access to the 11+ hours of recorded content, plus Bonnie’s and Vickie’s books and abundant relevant supplemental materials.

The added benefits of the On Demand Course is a closed Facebook group to have ongoing interaction with Bonnie, Vickie, and their fellow students. In addition, students are invited to attend monthly meetings via Zoom in order to ask questions in real time.

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