Virtual Presentations

Sound/Tech Check

Bonnie prefers to have a sound/tech check several days before a presentation.

Video Conference/Livestreaming Platforms

Bonnie is familiar with most of the major platforms – Zoom, Teams, & Webex. She uses professional lighting and sound.

In-Person Events


Bonnie prefers a lapel clip-on wireless microphone. Please have an alternative microphone available for back up.


Bonnie uses a podium plus a tall round table for materials and water.

Sound Check

When possible, Bonnie prefers to arrive the day before a speaking engagement in order to do a sound and equipment check. It is requested that someone be present for this sound check and during the first five minutes of the presentation to ensure that things are working properly.

Screen & Projector

Bonnie uses PowerPoint slides in her presentation. Please provide a projector and screen large enough for all to see in the room. Speakers are needed.


Bonnie brings her own laptop computer and remote presenter. The presentation is also available in advance or on a flash drive.


Make sure that the stage and the audience are well lit.


Photography and videography are permitted during the presentation. Advance notice is requested.


Bonnie likes to go out into the audience and move among the participants. This information could be helpful to your sound engineer to prevent feedback from the speakers.

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