In a world turned upside down by the pandemic, the global workplace has never been more complicated and only getting more so every day. This situation has created an unprecedented time of change and volatility. The need for all the constituencies of the workplace to be working well together has never been more urgent or pressing.

And so is the need for training in the workplace.

The stakes are high for all the stakeholders of the workplace.

  • Executives/Leaders
  • Executive/Personal Assistants
  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development
  • Recruiters

All these groups need support, communication, and professional training in the best practices of the new workplace. Everyone is in new territory. We have not been here before. We need to communicate in new ways, better ways, more creative ways, responsive to the times in which we live. We have no choice. We must do this in order to build the ultimate workplace.

Do you need a roadmap for the new way to work in uncharted territory?

Bonnie Low-Kramen leads the training and the conversations that will build bridges to take you forward. It’s a new day. It’s a new world. Especially with the advent of virtual online workplace training. Are you ready?

Special pricing is available for disadvantaged groups and organizations. Please contact Bonnie to discuss your situation.

BTUA training and workshops are eligible for IAAP re-certification points.

10 Years of Excellence! Virtual Live, Live & On-Demand

Ultimate Training, for Executives and Assistants. Workshops & On-Demand Courses

BTUA training, workshops & on-demand courses for executive, personal or celebrity assistants

Ultimate Assistants

These groundbreaking in-person or virtual workplace training programs present the crucial combination of soft skills and the hard skills of computer technology to develop ultimate assistants. Two of the top trainers in the world, Bonnie Low-Kramen and Vickie Sokol Evans, MCT combine their knowledge to provide assistants the leading-edge skills, resources, and tools necessary to succeed as true executive business partners.

Ultimate Executive / Assistant Partnership

Executives hire assistants and often find themselves not knowing how to fully utilize or leverage them. The power of this executive business partnership, when developed properly, will save precious time and provide priceless peace of mind. The proven and quantifiable ROI is immediate and cumulative over time.

Ultimate Workplaces

The workplace is volatile, demanding, and presenting unprecedented challenges every day. It has never been more important for leaders and assistants to function together as executive business partners. Employees who feel safe, respected, and empowered are loyal and go above and beyond every day. The proven results of this program are increased productivity and revenue, and improved communication, retention and job satisfaction. These are only some of the enormous results of this 360 degree approach.

Make the Case for Training

Don’t allow money or being told “no” to stop you from getting the training you know you need. Be the CEO of You, Inc. and take charge of your education.

Please click here to request the Business Case Letter to present to executives and HR. Please indicate whether you would like the letter for Virtual Training, In-Person Training or On Demand Training. Thank you.

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