Advanced Training for Assistants

The Training Executives Really Need to Succeed

Bonnie Low-Kramen Office Life Support

By Bonnie Low-Kramen | SmartCEO Magazine | January 2017

This column gives me the golden opportunity to share burning workplace issues with CEOs and leaders. I get to pull the curtain back on what your support staff is thinking and needing. This piece is about the need to train new managers on how to utilize an Executive Assistant. Why? Because most don’t know. This is important information that is not taught in business school or anywhere.

Imagine this. You are a new driver and one day you go outside to find a brand new car with the keys hanging on the window with a note that reads “Good luck!” The car is filled with gadgets and shiny buttons but there is no physical manual and no one to tell you what to do.

Here’s the problem. You want to drive the car NOW. So you struggle to understand how to unlock the driver’s door and finally figure out to turn the car on. You find the online manual but you keep bumping into buttons and symbols that you don’t understand which ends up being frustrating almost on a daily basis. The annoying and energy-consuming learning curve continues for several weeks and months. Read more

Listen Up! Bonnie interviews Lucy Brazier at Exec Sec LIVE Dubai (21 min)



Do you want to know more about Lucy Brazier, the visionary leader behind the Executive Secretary LIVE conferences and Executive Secretary Magazine? We did! Bonnie Low-Kramen interviewed Lucy from the stage at Exec Sec LIVE in Dubai on Nov 17th. Introduced by Vickie Sokol Evans, listen for 21 minutes and get to know Lucy’s big plans for assistants all over the world.

Global Trends for Assistants with Guest Lucy Brazier | Ep 2: (Part 1 of 2)


Bonnie and Vickie welcome Lucy Brazier LucyBrazierone of the world’s leading experts on what is happening right now with professional assistants all over the world. Lucy is the publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine and the producer of Executive Secretary LIVE conferences. Based in the England, Lucy tells us that she has done 173 speaking engagements in 26 countries in the last year alone. Lucy is a woman who not only knows this subject inside and out, but cares deeply about the future of the admin profession. Listen in on Part 1 as Lucy shares what she sees as the biggest trends in the world today. Discover how many titles exist for the admin role – you’ll be astonished! With her trademark humor and fabulous accent, Lucy tells us what makes her “cross” which includes the fact that too few assistants are receiving the training they so clearly need. Don’t miss learning from this ground-breaking leader.  Read more