Nothing shapes perception about the role of assistants and their executives more powerfully than mass media. That idea is in my mind every time I give an interview. Enjoy!

Women’s Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

Talking Women’s Empowerment With #BonnieLowKramen

…”Women need to strongly support other women to rise to positions of power and leadership in companies, organizations, and in government. The data shows that women are talented leaders when supported and encouraged to do so. It also shows that organizations that have more diversity are more successful.” Women now represent more than 50% of the workforce. No one understands what women are going through in the workplace better than another woman. It is deeply and profoundly empowering for women to ask other women, “What can I do to help you?” Read more

Smartest CEO’s utilize their assistants

Smartest CEO's


Inside the World of Personal Assistants Used by the Powerful Elite

“The smartest CEOs and executives are understanding that utilizing their assistant as a strategic business partner is a very smart move. The profession is 95% – 98% females. There are some men entering into the profession, but it’s primarily a female dominated profession. More and more women are becoming executives and CEOs. So we’ve got women working for women. So it’s a really interesting landscape right now. I think there has never been a better time to be an assistance than right now. Hiring rate has never been higher. In NYC there are jobs that pay six figures. Certainly in major cities, San Francisco and Chicago. It’s a demanding highly skilled job that pays very, very well.” Read more

Executive assistants are powers behind the throne

SFGateThe San Francisco Chronicle Online

Bonnie quoted in San Francisco Chronicle – Aug 13, 2014:

Executive assistants are powers behind the throne…Women, by far, dominate this profession. About 95 percent of the nation’s 4.1 million executive and personal assistants are female, according to the Executive Assistants Organization.

In these jobs, women have the numbers, access to leadership and in many cases influence. Why is it then, those at the executive assistants conferences wondered, that gender diversity remains such a problem in the business world, especially in Silicon Valley? Read more

CEO’s: Can We Talk?

the huff postDear CEO,

There’s good news and bad news. First the bad news. The problem of workplace bullying in the world is epidemic and possibly costing your company a lot of money. The good news is that a conversation has begun and the silence is breaking ever so slowly. The trauma from bullying is lasting for years and taking a big human toll. The time is now to break the cycle.

In my training with groups of Executive and Personal Assistants, I ask two questions;
1. How many of you feel managed? (Result: Very few hands raise.) Read more

NY Times “Help isn’t what it used to be”

Help NY Times

Help Isn’t What It Used to Be

Office Help Is On the Way, Virtually Speaking

….Today, to tell a new business contact “I’ll email your assistant” is potentially to cause your interlocutor to launch into a shame spiral. Or, in other situations, to scoff.

“Some of the younger people out of M.B.A. programs want to do their own administrative work,” said Bonnie Low-Kramen, who was the personal assistant to the actress Olympia Dukakis for 25 years and now offers customized training for administrative staff members. Read more