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OfficePro-Bonnnie Low-Kramen Olympia Dukakis

Bonnie Low-Kramen is, in fact, the ultimate assistant. If that is what you aspire to, read this book carefully.
Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis, the author’s employer for 25 years







Lucy BrazierI have spoken to thousands of assistants from all over the world. They are seeking to make their mark and stand out in a sea of mediocrity. And time and again, they tell me that Bonnie Low-Kramen’s iconic book, ‘Be the Ultimate Assistant’ set them on the right path, opened their eyes and gave them back their passion. This is a ‘must read’ for every Assistant.
Lucy Brazier, CEO, Marcham Publishing – Publishers of Executive Secretary Magazine



Jeff HoffmanSmart executives know their real secret weapon is their assistant. This book shows you how to build and turbocharge that relationship.”
Jeff Hoffman, Founder of Priceline and White House Advisor



Peggy Grande“I wish I had this book when I worked for President Reagan – not only the invaluable information and best practices, but the collective wisdom and camaraderie which it represents.”
Peggy Grande, Executive Assistant to Former President Ronald Reagan


Julie Kavanaugh“”Inspiring! Looking back from the first time I read Bonnie’s masterpiece in 2012, I see how all of the qualities I possess as a 25+ year assistant were unleashed. The book truly provides the insight, skills, and resources to elevate our profession to the very highest level and that is exactly what I craved. I know it ignited the passion in me and is a key component to where I am today and to where I am headed. This book is a game-changer for every assistant.”
Julie Kavanaugh, Sr. EA to CEO, Craig Bouchard



vickeevansThis book has without question changed lives. I’ve witnessed assistants lining up at events all over the world in awe to say how reading ‘Be the Ultimate Assistant’ transformed their work and relationships. Bonnie touches countless lives in deeply profound ways. I call her The Assistant Whisperer. Read this book. You will learn and be totally inspired to be the ultimate at anything.
Vickie Sokol Evans, Founder/CEO, The Red Cape Company



Lorraine GodfreyThe book is an absolute must-have. I have the utmost respect and tremendous admiration for Bonnie. She knows what she is talking about and her words of wisdom are spreading all around the globe.
Lorraine Godfrey, PA London



Jennifer MaganaBonnie is truly the ultimate guru of truth, integrity, inspiration, and resources. Her in-depth knowledge in bottomless. She provides perspectives that are real and solutions that anyone can start using now. Be the Ultimate Assistant is a fun read and is my administrative bible. Thank you for making an unforgettable impact in my life!
Jennifer Magana, San Francisco



christopher bakerWhen job candidates have read this book and/or attended Bonnie’s classes (which I have), I automatically know that they desire to be and remain at the very top of their profession. This excellent material goes straight to the heart of what every assistant must know to excel at the highest level. It is simply the best resource out there for the assistant profession.
Christopher Baker, President Christopher Baker Staffing



Dr. Laura CrawshawBonnie’s approach is deeply insightful, both in the practice and psychology of assisting high-powered (and sometimes difficult) employers. Her philosophy of caring for others while at the same time caring for one’s self in the role of assistant is an invaluable achievement. The information is delivered in a clear, direct, and respectful way which happen to be the hallmarks of successful workplace relationships.
Dr. Laura Crawshaw, Author of Taming the Abrasive Manager: How to End Unnecessary Roughness at Work



Jean FranceseBonnie Low-Kramen’s book is packed full of wisdom and pathways to being successful, and increasing your professional worth in your employer’s eyes.  Whether you are starting out, running hard but struggling a bit, or even if you’re a seasoned professional and at the top of your game—there is a treasure chest of information for you in this book.
Jean Francese, 20+ year C-Suite Executive Assistant



Julie PerrineThe combination of Bonnie’s personal stories and her heartfelt desire to empower assistants jump off the pages at you. If you want to know what it takes to be the ultimate assistant in any company, anywhere on the planet, this is your guide!
Julie Perrine, Founder & CEO of All Things Admin, Author of The Innovative Admin, International Speaker & Trainer



GhanaYour ebook has gone viral in Ghana, Africa. PAs are putting the lessons in there into practice. It is like a revolution, like rain pouring over dry land. PAs who had lost the zeal for their jobs have a skip in their step.
Angela Allotey, Ghana