“Thank you for providing our 100 administrative professionals with an empowering and inspiring inaugural workshop. The feedback to our leadership teams has been tremendous!
Our administrative partners are energized and highly motivated to utilize what they are learning to the benefit of all of the departments they support. We are beginning to see the positive effects on a daily basis, and this workshop has helped us launch our program to enhance the career experience for this very essential part of our organization.”
              Troy Alstead, Chief Financial Officer Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle

Students Say:

“I left BTUA filled to the brim with new knowledge, skills, and professional connections. I recommend this workshop without hesitation.”
~ Lauren Jiloty, Sr. EA to Bill Gates, Seattle



Catherine Williamson“Bonnie is so inspirational. I’ve left each of her sessions feeling uplifted, positive, and excited about the future. 10 more years to change the world? If we were like Bonnie, we could collaborate and do it in one.”  Catherine Williamson, PA to the Bishop of Ebbsfleet



Tholo Motaung“Bonnie is one of the most outstanding trainers in the world. She is empowering and to be in her presence is such an amazing experience because she is inspirational.”  Tholo Motaung, PA, Johannesburg, S Africa



Kellie Edwards“I will value the BTUA weekend for my whole life.” Kellie Edwards, EA, Salt Lake City




Cindy Pride“You exceeded all expectations and 4 months later, the team can’t stop raving about you.” Cindy Pride, Event Coordinator | Direct Energy, Houston





Lana Svoboda“Thank you for existing and paving the way to help create a better tomorrow by leading us in the field with your wisdom and knowledge.” Lana Svoboda, EA, San Francisco




Florence Katono“Bonnie Low-Kramen should be given a star on the PA wall of inspiration.” Florence Katono, PA, Uganda




Kimberly Martin“Bonnie and Vickie genuinely care about the success of assistants over the globe. My two encounters with them in training were by far the most thorough and spot-on assistant training I have found in my 25-year career. I promise you that you will be a better person and better assistant after having experienced BTUA.” Kimberly Martin, EA Chicago


CarrieAnnMiller PodcastPg“I love the podcast! I have listened to every episode and some more than once. They are compelling, funny, and thought provoking and about real-life issues that happen to every assistant and manager. What Bonnie and Vickie have done is amazing. There is nothing like this out there.” Carrie Ann Miller, EA Salt Lake City


Sandrine Julliard“Your training day in Paris with PAs coming from different European countries was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, tips, and wide experience with us.” Sandrine Juillard, PA Paris



Di Richards


From Twitter: “I know of two commencement speeches that included @BonnieLowKramen’s theme of #SpeakUp . One of them @BarackObama !” Dianne Richards, EA New York, NY


“You are truly an inspiration for women, not only as administrative professionals in our everyday role, but also for being the women who juggle every aspect of our lives, every second of every minute. Thank you for everything you do.” Amy Maslo, IAAP Member, Hershey, PA

Employers Say:

Ever since attending the workshop, my assistant is ‘on’ and in an even more organized zone. She is more confident and sure of herself which I think is just great. It was well worth the price and I will happily pay for another one. – Principal, Chicago

Bonnie taught my Executive Personal Assistant to generate new ideas and refocus her energies, which in turn helps me be more productive and take our business to the next level. Principal, Florida

 Recruiters Say:

 “When job candidates have attended Bonnie’s classes (which I have) and/or read her book, I automatically know that they desire to be and remain at the very top of their profession and I want to talk with them. This excellent material goes straight to the heart of what every assistant must know to excel at the highest level. It is simply the best resource out there for the assistant profession.” ~ Christopher Baker, President Christopher Baker Staffing

studentBonnie Low-Kramen’s class for Personal Assistant is a very welcome and necessary addition to the world of PAs for private households and celebrities. The course, developed by professionals who have experience in both PA employment and teaching, is well-thought-out, and a boon to all those who wish to secure their first position as a personal assistant, or fine tune their existing skills. Everyone benefits; the households, the assistants and placement services such as Merit Personnel who strive to refer only the very best candidates to their clients.
 – Margaret Kennedy, Recruiter, Merit Personnel, NYC

Bonnie Low-Kramen’s class is a wonderful tool to ensure that candidates are prepared to be high level Personal Assistants. The course is not only a great supplement for people who are already in this role, but also informative for individuals who are looking to transition into this career. Bonnie is truly one of the most professional Assistants I have met and learning from her, for this career path, is inspirational.Becky Carlson, Vice President, Glocap Search, NYC

Professional Organizations & Colleagues Say:

Students who aspire to be Personal Assistants will learn from the best. As one of the most respected assistants in the country, Bonnie Low-Kramen is a consummate professional who is deeply committed and passionate about education for this career. She literally “wrote the book” (‘Be the Ultimate Assistant’) on the profession and works to set the bar for excellence. If you want to succeed as a PA, there is no question that this class will help you to do that. – Brooke Adams, Former President, New York Celebrity Assistants (NYCA),

studentAs a seasoned Personal Assistant, Bonnie Low-Kramen brings a wealth of experience to the classroom for this much needed training. A combination of life experience, coupled with the necessary skills required in the industry by those who serve as assistants, Bonnie is a wonderful role model and a true professional for her students to emulate.” – Fiona Cameron-Williams, President, FCW, New York City, www.fionacameron-williams.com


Bonnie Low-Kramen has certainly paved the way for Personal Assistants all over the world. We have benefited from her leadership and commitment to forging healthy and mutually satisfying relationships between assistants and employers – no easy task in a 24/7 profession with very few boundaries. Education and training is in high demand. There is no one more qualified or experienced than Bonnie to achieve such endeavors. – Drei Donnelly, Former President, The Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants, Los Angeles, www.acpa-la.com

Personal Assistants the world over will benefit from this class. I have had the pleasure of hearing Bonnie speak several times and she is a born teacher and motivator. I only wish there had been a class like this when I was first starting my career.Liliana dalla Piana, Former President, UK Association of Celebrity Assistants, London, www.ukaca.org