How to Build an Internal Assistant Network at Your Company with Guest Victoria Darragh | Ep 17

Internal Assistant Networks Can Help the Bottom Line Too. Learn how. (RT 57:43)

Internal Assistant Network discussion with Vic Darragh
Recorded on location in Johannesburg, S Africa at the Executive Secretary LIVE Conference, Feb 2016. From L: Bonnie Low-Kramen, Victoria Darragh, & Vickie Evans

She knew what she wanted to do with her life from the age of 12. Eager to start, Victoria Darragh began working as an assistant in the U.K. at age 16. Now, sixteen years later, she is CEO of her own company (EPAA) and traveling the world sharing her remarkable and inspirational story. How did she do this? Tune in to hear about the power of an internal assistant network and how it can transform your career and your company.

With zero budget, Vic tells us how she began with an idea to bring together the assistants in her company, Hays Recruitment, for the purposes of education. She was a ground-breaking leader designing “Lunch and Learns” with guest speakers as a way to share important information between colleagues. Vic saw the value in breaking down the silos that exist in our companies and she succeeded at the highest levels earning the respect and support of her CEO and everyone at Hays. Plus, within two years Vic was given a budget, and a big one at that!

Best of all, assistants all over the world are now doing exactly what Vic did and the benefits are vividly apparent in the companies where internal assistant networks are embraced. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Listen in to learn precisely how to set up a network of your own.

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How to Build an Internal Assistant Network at Your Company with Guest Victoria Darragh | Ep 17
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