#MeToo #TimesUp

What do we do now?

Let’s take in the weight of this historical moment. Together, we have a chance to make an important difference in our workplace. Leaders and assistants can speak up and work together to choose to take a fresh look at the company culture and staff expectations and change them.

It is in your power. Every single leader and every single assistant has an opportunity for change every day. Let us choose professionalism, respect, and dignity in our workplace. Let us reward transparency, accountability, and compassionate truth. Let us commit to training and education as solutions. It’s time to break the cycle of unacceptable pain and abuses in our global workplace. More…


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No more “winging it.” Together we can build a strong, sustainable, highly productive, and profitable workplace. Real-life solutions are within your power – one person, one idea at a time. Together we will find the answers that will make all the difference. Interested? Read on.

NEW! What Now? What Should We Do Now About Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Sexual Harrassment in the workplace

The assistants of the world have known the sexual harassment situation for a long time. It can no longer be a taboo and stigmatized subject. We need to break the silence.

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HOT NEWS! 2017 Worldwide Workplace Bullying Survey Results

WARNING: Not an easy read. This is one of the most important pieces of workplace research of the decade.

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